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Products available for Retail & Wholesale
Chicken Fried Rice

White Meat Chicken with Fried Brown Rice and Vegtables.

Garlic Black Pepper Chicken

White Meat Chicken with Brown Rice and Garlic Black Pepper Sauce.

Chicken Pad Thai

Brown Rice Noodles with Sweet & Tangy Sauce, White Meat Chicken and Egg.
Vegetable Coconut Red Curry

Vegetables with Coconut Red Curry Sauce and Brown Rice

Thai Feast® was created to show the world how significant Thai cuisine has been to Genevieve Vang’s life. Now everyone can experience the same wonderful Thai culinary experience, with her gluten-free frozen line of Chicken Fried Rice, Garlic Black Pepper Chicken, Chicken Pad Thai and Vegetable Coconut Red Curry.

"Thai Feast allowed Genevieve's customers with gluten intolerance to enjoy their meals without second guessing her ingredients. It was the answer to people who couldn't give up her delicious Thai food."

Thai Feast is sensitive to the dietary requirements of those with Celiac Disease.